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CachyOS Nvidia Modules

How does CachyOS handle the nvidia module?

We are providing precompiled nvidia modules for every kernel. We are not relaying on nvidia-dkms anymore since Mid of November 2023. This helps to avoid issues with compatibility or the compilation with nvidia-dkms.

Namescheme of the Modules

We are following a quite easy naming scheme, which just adds “nvidia” to the end of the kernel.


linux-cachyos —> linux-cachyos-nvidia linux-cachyos-bore-lto —> linux-cachyos-bore-lto-nvidia

Kernels provided from Arch

We are aware, that people also using kernels from arch as a fallback or other reasons. Arch does provide for the “linux” (nvidia) and “linux-lts” (nvidia-lts) kernel a precompiled nvidia module.

We have added also the nvidia module for “linux-zen” (nvidia-zen) and “linux-hardened” (nvidia-hardened).