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CachyOS Repository General Information

Why does CachyOS utilize its own repositories?

Performance and optimizations

We want to provide a performance-optimized distribution and this requires performance-optimized packages. Currently we are recompiling the Arch Linux repository core and extra with the generic x86-64-v3 and x86-64-v4 instruction set.

  • x86-64-v4 - Enabling of AVX512, which can highly benefit at applications
  • x86-64-v3 - 5%-20% performance uplift

Customized Packages

In the CachyOS-PKGBUILDs we are maintaining a bunch of packages, which are getting patches, PGO or BOLT Optimization to provide an additional performance uplift.

Tests and benchmarks

If you would like to know more about the performance uplift of our repositories, check the links below.