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General User Support Guide

How to Describe Your Problem

When encountering an issue, follow this simple structure to communicate it effectively:

  1. Action (A): Outline the specific steps you took or actions you performed.

  2. Expectation (B): Clearly state what you expected to happen as a result.

  3. Outcome (C): Describe the actual outcome or result you observed.

This structured approach helps our support team quickly understand your situation, making it easier to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Why Details Matter

Remember, support may need all the details to identify the root cause. Even if the issue seems minor, providing thorough information is crucial. Vague descriptions like “random error on the screen” might not convey the full picture.


By adopting these practices, you not only help our support team but also expedite the resolution process. Remember, the more details you provide, the faster we can assist you. Thank you for being a valuable part of our community!