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CachyOS - Gaming

Gaming on CachyOS

Welcome to the world of gaming on CachyOS, a leading Arch-based distribution! This guide will help you get started with playing your favorite games on this operating system.


Before we dive into the fun stuff, it is essential to ensure that your graphics card drivers are installed and working properly. If your graphics card is not functioning optimally, you won’t be able to play games.

Essential Packages

To make things easier for you, CachyOS has grouped all the necessary packages for gaming into one command. This makes the installation process faster and less complicated. Simply run the following command in the terminal:

sudo pacman -S cachyos-gaming-meta


For Steam users, playing games on CachyOS is a breeze! Simply open Steam and select the Proton option, and you’re ready to enjoy your games.


Don’t worry, Proton is not complicated at all! In just a few clicks, you can have it set up and ready to use. Check out the screenshots below for a step-by-step guide.


You can use Proton to play your Windows games on Linux.

CachyOS provides various Proton versions for improved performance, including proton-cachyos, proton-ge-custom, proton-tkg-git, and the official Proton versions proton-experimental and proton.


Bottles is an application that allows you to easily manage Windows prefixes on your favorite Linux distribution. Bottles can also use different runners like Lutris and are manageable within the application. Bottles offer the option of a gaming-orientated prefix. You can install dependencies, add EXE files, and use their one-click installers for gaming-related apps like EA App or To install Bottles, run the following command in the terminal:

sudo pacman -S --needed bottles

If you would like more information about Bottles, you can look through the documentation of Bottles.


Lutris serves as a central hub for all your games on your CachyOS. With Lutris, you can efficiently manage your game runners, including Wine, Proton, or emulators, and customize their parameters. To install Lutris, execute the following command in your terminal:

sudo pacman -S --needed lutris

Lutris guide

Example how to install Epic Games Store over Lutris in the CachyOS.

1. Set proper Wine runner

Many games perform optimally with a Proton-GE runner, so it’s advisable to configure it before installing anything else.


2. Installation Epic Games Store

It’s simple clicking with the mouse; Lutris automates the entire installation process.


3. Sign in to the Epic Games Store with your account.

Yes, you can sign into the Epic Games Store, and Lutris will display your owned games in your library.


4. Final words about Lutris

  • You can launch games through Lutris simply by clicking the Play button.
  • You can also launch a store using the Play button and then run games from within the store, just like you do on Windows.

Script Installers

For many games, launchers, and stores installation is made easy with script installers. For example, the League Of Legends scripts can be installed with minimal effort.

  1. Just click Install and the browser prompts you to open in Lutris.
  2. Simply follow the instructions provided by the script.

Games stores:


The Arch Wiki already provides comprehensive instructions on how to enable raytracing for various hardware platforms.