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Downloads Information

CachyOS can be installed using two types of installers: GUI Installer and CLI Installer.


Here is how you can do it:

If you’re currently on Windows:

  1. If you downloaded the iso via SourceForge at the right of each file there is a exclamation point and it contains both SHA1 and MD5.
  2. Open CMD or PowerShell as Administrator and navigate to the path where the ISO is stored.
  3. Type the following command: certUtil -hashfile full_iso_name.iso MD5


Terminal window
certUtil -hashfile cachyos-kde-linux-230813.iso MD5
  1. Compare certUtil hash with SourceForge file information, if both of them match then you are ready to proceed.

Verification from any Linux distro:

  1. Open a terminal and navigate to the path where the ISO is stored
  2. Type the following command: md5sum full_iso_name.iso


Terminal window
md5sum cachyos-kde-linux-230319.iso
  1. Compare if SourceForge MD5 hash matches with md5sum


GUI Installer

The GUI Installer is available as a net installer ISO, with a size of approximately 2.2GB. During installation, packages can be either downloaded from the Internet or installed offline. You have the option to choose between 11 different desktop environments, as well as customize your installation by adding additional packages during the installation process.


Download ISOs

CachyOS ISOs can be downloaded from the following sources:

Both online and offline installers are provided for your convenience.