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Adding CachyOS Repository for Enhanced Arch Linux Performance

Why does CachyOS utilize its own repositories?

Performance and optimizations

We want to provide a performance-optimized distro and that needs performance-optimized packages. So that’s why CachyOS provides its own repositories with packages compiled with:

  • x86-64-v4
  • x86-64-v3 - 10%-20% performance uplift
  • x86-64 - These packages have minimal benefits, only LTO provides a 5-10% uplift

Better control of the packages

Arch Linux repositories are great, but sometimes slow to react on required re-builds.

  • Example: Typical errors like “error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/…”
  • Solution: That error is mostly solved by re-build the package against a newer library and after re-build the package work again.

Tests and benchmarks

If you can’t imagine how much performance you will get, check the links below.